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Blood Alcohol Content ( BAC ) calculator ( the online breathalyzer )

By the alcohol calculator you can find out how much your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is moreover you can find also when your blood will free of alcohol without breathalyzer. As you can’t blow a breathalyzer therefore you have to choose what you have drunk. The result is given by the best calculation method we know.

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Step 0. Set calculator modes! (Country & BAC limit). Page will reload.

Step 1. Set your body weight !

Step 2. Set the consumed drink, quantity and time. For the quick search, use. If you drink more push [New round] button!

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* BAC calculator gives a general result about your blood alcohol content based on population averages.
The alcohol absorption time and alcohol degradation time is depends on kind of further factors (i.e. genetic, individual health, medication, consumed food etc.) Therefore our calculator result is only estimate.
NOTICE: this calculation is not a legal. We don’t accept any responsibility or liability or any claim for action taken on the basis of this calculator.


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